Digital Asset Management

Production Digital Asset Management

Use project metadata to increase the power of your search capabilities

Digital Asset Management

Built-in Google-like searching on your internal system allows you to find files stored anywhere on your computer, server, cloud, DVD, tape, or any other media. Quickly locate files by searching project name, brand, date, or any other smart form field or custom metadata you specify.

Enjoy seamless integration with your team’s most commonly used tools

Digital Asset Management

Adobe Creative Cloud and QuarkXPress support allows teams to seamlessly share and collaborate on files, route projects through an approval process, or download files to a local server. Mac OS X integration allows users to quickly look up file metadata and archive files and folders directly from the Finder. Archive production files to your choice of offline media and/or online servers. Built-in support is included for the most popular third-party archiving and media authoring applications.

Manage and organize assets from photo and video shoots

Digital Asset Management

Photoshoot management capabilities allow photographers to organize groups of photos from sessions, which can then be sorted and dragged and dropped into approved collections. Choose the best files and with another drag and drop and the photo(s) can be added to a creative project for production. Easily create and share digital art catalogs to give team members quick access to documents and files they need.

Control and access all of your digital assets

Digital Asset Management

File version control allows file storage repositories to be set up and managed through a centralized database. Users can check files in and out of the repository, maintain versions and make comments on each new version. File server indexing provides a real-time capture of extensive file metadata including XMP, text content and even folder naming conventions, which allows you to quickly associate files with projects.


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