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Etsy’s Randy J. Hunt On Creativity, To-Do Lists And The Tools He Can’t Live Without

In addition to his role as VP of Design at Etsy, Randy J. Hunt is an author, sought-after speaker, startup entrepreneur and big thinker in the world of design. We caught up with Randy last week to talk about his creative process, his design philosophy and the tools he can’t live without.

May 16, 2016


What Do Your Employees Really Want? Get Ready To Read Their Minds

The key to being a successful manager who retains employees is understanding how each individual is different depending on age, gender, and life experiences. Knowing specifically what an employee wants to get out of their job, how interested the employee is in career advancement, and what motivates the employee can reduce turnover and help you build a team that’s in it for the long haul.

April 6, 2016


A Primer On Self-Care For Creatives

Whoever coined the phrase “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” obviously never came up against an end-of-the-fiscal-year deadline, departmental budget cuts or the short runway of a fledgling startup. Even creatives who love the opportunity to build and share beautiful pieces of work with the world (yes, catalogs and ad copy can be beautiful) often experience stress and are subject to producing this beauty on demand and according to the specifications of internal or external stakeholders. If you’re a creative who’s currently feeling in need of some self-care, consider the following four steps.

January 29, 2016

How Time Tracking Can Help You Become A Better Team Leader

How Time Tracking Can Help You Become A Better Team Leader

Time tracking gets a bad rap, conjuring up images of workplaces where the clock takes precedence over the individual employee and doing more in fewer hours, no matter the toll on workers, is of paramount importance. Once you’re able to get past any knee-jerk negative associations, however, there is real value in time tracking.

November 12, 2015


10 Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Next Conference

Preparing for, traveling to, and attending a conference can often be a challenge to even the most well-organized among us. A little bit of planning in advance, however, goes a long way to ensuring that you get the most value possible from your registration fee and the time you spend in sessions and walking the exhibition floor. Here are 10 tips to enhance your experience at any conference.

May 4, 2016


What’s Duller Than Data Entry? According To Research, Absolutely Nothing

A recent survey of 500 businesses gives us some great insight into what employees consider the most mundane tasks taking up time in their workday. The results? The top five all involve some form of data entry or data input.

March 29, 2016


How To Give Better Feedback

Whether it’s a performance review for one of your direct reports, the latest logo redesign mockup from your in-house agency or even just a friend’s request that you take a look at her resume, everyday opportunities to provide feedback are plentiful. Offering truly useful feedback, however, is both an art and a science. If you want to up your feedback game in 2016, here are five tips for more constructive opinion-giving:

January 8, 2016

Risky Business: Piecing Together a Creative Workflow Solution

How many project management/workflow platforms are out there? 150? 200? Now, how many of those are standalone products? Most of them. On the flip side, the number of workflow solutions that integrate digital asset management, financial management, and online proofing into a unified platform for creative workgroups is decidedly limited.

November 1, 2015


Lessons On Creativity From Author and Harvard Professor Sarah Lewis

Where do new creative ideas come from? What drives change in society? What does it truly mean to fail?

These are all questions posed by Sarah Lewis in her speech titled Vision & Justice: Art and Citizenship, delivered this month as a part of a Creative Matters lecture series put on by the University of Iowa. An accomplished author on creativity (her book The Rise is a bestseller) and an Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture and African and African American Studies at Harvard University, Lewis shared her unique insights on art, social change, and failure with the audience.

April 28, 2016


Want To Take Over The World? Schedule It For A Tuesday In August

Creativity generally differs from person to person, depending on individual factors and unique body rhythms, however, research has proven there are certain times of the day, week, and year that you are your most creative. The first step towards figuring out when your creative juices flow is understanding how the calendar affects creativity.

March 9, 2016

2016 tech trends

The 2016 Tech Trends That Every Creative Team Needs To Know About

Today's in-house creatives face their fair share of challenges. Teams are becoming more geographically distributed, which increases the complexity of managing collaborative projects that span time zones or even countries. Mobile technology means that project work can happen anywhere at any time -- the days of being desk-bound from 9 - 5 are behind us. Living in an always-on world means that internal and external clients expect real-time project updates and the ability to provide input when and how they want.

December 11, 2015

Workgroups DaVinci is a proud sponsor of Adobe MAX

10 Powerful Creative Lessons From Adobe MAX

Last week, we joined over 7000 attendees from 60 countries at Adobe MAX, the premiere conference for creatives. It was a truly action-packed four days of keynotes, presentations, parties and perspective-shifting conversations. While it would be impossible to capture all of the insight we collected during the conference, we wanted to share a few key learnings that we hope will inspire your creative work.

October 12, 2015